Transforming Downtown Dayton

Restoring a Dayton Historic Landmark.

Crawford Hoying Development proudly partnered with the City of Dayton to transform the vacant riverfront of downtown Dayton into a mixed-use neighborhood. As part of this project, Crawford Hoying purchased the Delco Building located at 329 East First Street – listed as a Dayton Historic Landmark. The building had served as a manufacturing plant for Delco Electronics, a branch of General Motors, during the 1900s before sitting empty for years. It was later purchased by the Mendelson Company where it was used as a warehouse and industrial space.

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Acquirement, Renovation & Preservation

In 2014, Crawford Hoying acquired the property and worked to maintain the industrial character of the building during its conversion to 133 residential apartments on the second through sixth floors.

Particular attention was given to replacing the large industrial-scale windows to match the original windows and retaining mushroom columns and high ceilings of the windows. The historic sixth floor office space said to be associated with Delco founder, Charles Kettering, was also preserved. The first floor and basement serve as parking spaces for the building's tenants, a compatible use for this building that is made possible by existing vehicular use and the introduction of ramps in an altered location below an existing light court.


Delco Lofts
Delco Lofts
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