• Jamie Moore

    Jamie Moore joined Crawford Hoying in 2008 as a Real Estate Specialist. He focuses primarily on retail and office leasing as well as real estate development, with an expertise in working with restaurants.

  • Tim Westley

    Tim Westley joined Crawford Hoying in 2018 as Vice President of Real Estate Development. In this role, he’s responsible for ongoing coordination with consultants, partners and contractors on developments for the company. Tim has an extensive background in project management, having held positions with Lifestyle Communities, Fillmore Hospitality, CBRE, Shepco, Stout Imaging and more.

  • Jake Worley

    Jake Worley has been with Crawford Hoying since 2017. As Vice President of Real Estate Development, he manages the processes for all for-sale developments from start to finish with company stakeholders, working closely with the finance, construction and sales teams throughout each project. Jake previously worked as a portfolio manager for Olmsted Capital and holds his MBA in real estate and finance from The Ohio State University.

  • Kristin Randall

    Kristin Randall serves as Vice President of Asset Management at Crawford Hoying, responsible for overseeing and managing all aspects of the company’s portfolio of operating hotels, hotels under development and prospective hotel deals.

  • Miranda Swaney

    Miranda Swaney joined the Crawford Hoying marketing team in 2018 as Social Media and Community Events Coordinator.