Electronic Communication Disclaimer

The information contained in electronic communication sent from the crawfordhoying.com domain and any attachments thereof is confidential and may be privileged. If electronic communication is either intentionally or inadvertently misdirected to an individual or group other than the indicated recipient, such electronic communication should be deleted.

Crawford Hoying requests that the sender of misdirected electronic communication be notified of the situation immediately.

Recipients of misdirected electronic communication should not retain copy or use Crawford Hoying electronic communication for any purpose, nor disclose all or any part of its content to any other person. All messages sent to and from Crawford Hoying or any associate company may be monitored to ensure compliance with internal policies and to protect our business. Electronic communications are not secure and cannot be guaranteed to be error free as they can be intercepted, amended, altered, lost or destroyed. Additionally, although Crawford Hoying takes all reasonable and customary measures to ensure that outgoing electronic communication is free of virus infection, such infection remains a possibility.

Anyone who communicates with Crawford Hoying by electronic communication is taken to accept these risks. The contents of any electronic communication addressed to our clients are subject to our usual terms of business; anything which does not relate to the official business of the company is neither given nor endorsed by it.

Usage and Monitoring

Any electronic communication submitted to Crawford Hoying and also via the crawfordhoying.com domain is subject to all use and monitoring controls within Crawford Hoying’s organization. Crawford Hoying reserves the right to block, delete, or dismiss all communication it deems necessary to do so in an effort to prevent misuse, malware, and bulk email.