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North Market Bridge Park Welcomes New Merchant, Korean BBQ 궁

January 5, 2024

Dublin, OH - North Market Bridge Park is pleased to announce the newest merchant addition, Korean BBQ 궁 ("궁" is pronounced "goong" and translates to "palace"). John Jin, owner of Korean BBQ 궁 has brought his authentic and tantalizing Korean cuisine to Dublin's North Market Bridge Park. As a celebrated addition to the vibrant culinary scene in the Market, Korean BBQ 궁 is ready to captivate food enthusiasts with its traditional flavors.

The newest merchant of North Market Bridge Park, Korean BBQ 궁 features a menu that showcases the rich heritage and diverse flavors of this culinary tradition. Guests can expect an array of mouthwatering menu options, from Bulgogi, Korean Ramen and Galbi, to Spicy Pork, Dukboki, and Gimbob, all meticulously crafted using authentic ingredients and cooking techniques. Korean BBQ 궁 also plans to offer delivery to our Bridge Park neighbors as well as offer a loyalty card stamp program for regular guests.

"When I first visited Bridge Park and North Market, I felt that this is the perfect model of a town, just like you are living in the city... a big city. I like the surroundings and when I am in the Market, I can see the wide variety of food. I am so happy because now I am part of the Market merchant mix and look forward to sharing our food with the community!" - John Jin, Owner, Korean BBQ 궁.

Although John originally planned to start a career as a dentist, he quickly became enamored with the restaurant scene when he took over a friend's restaurant. He gained experience within the world of restaurant operations through leadership at a local Mark Pi's Express, in his role as a regional manager of all 85+ sushi bars in regional Kroger stores, and also through owning a former Korean restaurant inside Saraga Market called "Bulgogi."

"We are thrilled to bring the true essence of Korean cuisine to North Market Bridge Park. I know that John and the Korean BBQ 궁 team has worked diligently to create an experience that not only satisfies the palate but also transports our guests to the vibrant streets of Seoul. Whether you're a seasoned fan of Korean cuisine or new to its delights, Korean BBQ 궁 will not disappoint!" - Rick Harrison Wolfe, Executive Director + CEO, North Market.

In celebration of their recent opening, Korean BBQ 궁 invites the community to visit them at North Market Bridge Park for an unforgettable culinary adventure. The restaurant is now open for lunch and dinner daily, and is located on the east aisle, in the stall between Hoyo's Kitchen and On Paper.