New Beauty Retailer Opens Doors in Dublin, Ohio

August 1, 2019

DUBLIN, OHIO – LaDrea recently opened its first brick and mortar location at Bridge Park in downtown Dublin, OH. The all-natural skincare shop occupies 1,100 SF of commercial space at 6562 Longshore Street. The shop sells a wide variety of spa-quality all-natural bath and body product including but not limited to body oils, lotions, and skincare products using all-natural oils and ingredients free from harmful toxic chemicals and ingredients.

Store owners, Andrea Carter and Larry, have owned and operated their business since 2013 in northeastern Ohio. In 2009 the couple came to the area to see Joel Osteen and fell in love with Dublin and have been coming back ever since, so when the opportunity came to expand their business to Bridge Park it was a no brainer.

“The growth in central Ohio is amazing and the Bridge Park area has so much to offer and so much more to come, we could not imagine being anywhere else.” Carter said, noting the growth of Bridge Park and the city of Dublin overall.

The importance of social awareness and perspective is a key value of LaDrea. A few years ago, Andrea fell ill with sepsis, a condition that can severely damage crucial organ systems and is fatal in some cases. After Andrea’s lengthy recovery, the Carter’s were inspired to raise awareness of the condition. Their experience has driven the vision for LaDrea, as the condition has external effects, often times damaging hair and skin. LaDrea will host several events for other survivors to serve as an outlet for those affected.

“I don’t think there’s a lot of awareness of sepsis and how it impacts a person long-term,” Carter said. “I want my story to be a chance for other people to learn about it and know they aren’t alone, and that life comes after.”

LaDrea will be joining a long list of retail, restaurant and entertainment establishments at Bridge Park including Alma Mater, Bend Active, zerOz, Anthony Vince, Pins Mechanical, Spavia, VASO Rooftop Lounge and many more. In addition, Bridge Park recently announced the second location of the North Market, set to open in Spring 2020.

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