North Market Bridge Park Merchant Announcement

November 25, 2019

Press release courtesy of North Market, linked here.

COLUMBUS, OHIO — North Market is thrilled to announce the first phase of merchants at North Market Bridge Park. North Market Bridge Park is the second location for the historic North Market, and is located in Dublin, Ohio. The five merchants listed below make up the first phase of committed businesses.

The Dublin Farmer's Daughter
Coastal Local Seafood
Market Bar
MoMo Ghar
Dough Mama

North Market Bridge Park staff and board members first put out a call for applicants in April 2019 and received over one hundred applications from Ohio-based business owners hoping to lease space. North Market Bridge Park will have space for a total of 19 merchants. More merchants will be announced in the coming months.

“From the very beginning of the application process, we have been extremely impressed with the quality and caliber of businesses that wanted to be part of North Market's historic expansion,” said North Market Executive Director Rick Harrison Wolfe. “Like we have done for 143 years at our downtown location, we are successfully curating the best-in-class fresh meats, seafood, bakery, and produce categories for the Bridge Park facility that will provide a unique experience for visitors.”

The Dublin Farmer's Daughter

Concept rendering of the proposed stall for The Dublin Farmer's Daughter at North Market Bridge Park. Images provided by The Dublin Farmer's Daughter.

The Dublin Farmer's Daughter
Fresh Meats, Poultry, Game, Eggs, Produce, Grocery, and Cafe
Owners: Caitlin Bergman and Dan McLeod
Johnstown, Ohio

The owners of Copia Farm, partners Caitlin Bergman and Dan McLeod, have recently signed on to open a new fresh business at North Market Bridge Park, The Dublin Farmer's Daughter.

Copia Farm has quickly become a local favorite with their focus on local, regenerative foods. In operation since 2013, Copia Farm has become the largest mobile pasture-raised egg operation in the state, widely known and loved by Ohioans.

"Copia Farm is beyond excited to add a retail location in the new North Market Bridge Park. The Dublin Farmer's Daughter will feature all of our local, premium pasture-raised, regenerative, meats and eggs along with an artisanal rustic eatery that will serve farmhouse style comfort food. Gourmet burgers and steaks, french style sandwiches, and brunch with Copia eggs. Stay tuned for more menu details," said McLeod.

"The Dublin Farmer's Daughter will focus on the highest quality ingredients sourced from our farm and other local farms," said Bergman. "As farmers, educators, and consultants in the field of sustainable agriculture, our goal is to provide the families of Dublin with local, nutrient-dense food that tastes amazing. Transforming the food system to reflect our values and ideologies will now be easier than ever with The Dublin Farmer's Daughter retail location. We hope you will join us in our journey."

Bergman and McLeod have expansive, worldly resumes as noted in their Columbus Monthly Tastemakers 2019 feature. Among their many titles, they are scientists, farmers, educators, foodies, and regenerative agriculture experts. Together, the two of them have over 20,000 hours in farming and nutrition education experience. They intend to distribute educational materials, host events, and teach classes in their new space.

"A hardworking pair that own and operate their own farm is our ideal partner and showcases the best features of our newest public market. Caitlin and Dan have demonstrated their dedication, brilliance, and sense of community," said Wolfe. “I look forward to picking up meats, poultry, game, and produce fresh each and every day. They are the epitome of the farm to table movement.”

The Dublin Farmer's Daughter will offer fresh ingredients with a focus on farm-raised meats, dairy, Copia eggs, and produce. Collaboration with other merchants and farms is already a regular practice and will continue to be fostered in their menu offerings as they join the market community. Additionally, butcher services, provisions, and fast-casual prepared foods will be available.

Photographs provided by Copia Farm

Photo credit: Wolf's Ridge Brewing

Coastal Local Seafood

Coastal Local Seafood
Fresh Seafood, Raw Bar, and Cafe
Owner: Ian Holmes
Canal Winchester, Ohio

Central Ohio seafood distributor Ian Holmes, owner of Coastal Local Seafood, will bring his expertise to the North Market Bridge Park merchant community. Holmes joined the ranks of esteemed foodies when he was named a Columbus Monthly Tastemaker 2017 as he provides the freshest seafood to local professional chefs. Menu features can be found at area restaurants including Lupo, Sycamore, La Tavola, Skillet, among others.

Upon opening their first retail shop at North Market Bridge Park, Coastal Local Seafood will be able to provide the same wonderful seafood ingredients for home chefs and will also serve on-site menu items such as lobster rolls and crab cakes. Dublin residents and guests can look forward to enjoying fresh oysters at the New England-themed raw bar.

“Coastal Local Seafood is very excited to finally have an opportunity for us to share the finest seafood direct from the docks to the dinner table,” said Holmes. “We feel like our product and knowledge will be a perfect addition to the North Market setting.”

“You will not find a more diverse, fresh seafood offering anywhere in this region,” said Wolfe. "Coastal Local is essentially pier-to-plate and we are ecstatic to welcome them to North Market Bridge Park.”

Photo credit Tim Johnson, Columbus Monthly

Concept renderings of the proposed stall for Coastal Local Seafood at North Market Bridge Park. Images provided by Coastal Local Seafood.

Market Bar

Concept rendering of the proposed stall for Market Bar at North Market Bridge Park. Image provided by Market Bar.

Market Bar
On-Site Bar; Craft Beer and Fine Wines To-Go
Owners: Pete Volker and Wayne Lin
Consultant: Collin Castore

North Market Bridge Park's new beverage merchant, Market Bar, will provide local spirits, craft beer, best-in-class wines, and craft sodas. In addition to offering fantastic beverages for guests to consume on-site, Market Bar will have a retail component focused on local craft beer and independent wines to take home. The bar will be adjacent to an outdoor patio. A unique feature of their design rendering enables both indoor and outdoor service. Market guests who wish to sip and stroll will have easy, efficient access through a dedicated service area. Market Bar also plans to host merchant demos and special tasting events.

Market Bar is a new bar concept tailored to North Market Bridge Park. Owned and operated by partners Pete Volker and Wayne Lin, along with local beverage expert Collin Castore who serves as a consultant, Market Bar will surely provide the best in the beverage industry to Bridge Park residents and guests. Volker and Lin bring both experience and enthusiasm to the new venture.

Lin's beverage industry experience dates back to his childhood when he cleaned the bar at his family's restaurant on weekends. In the early 1990s, he put down the mop and bucket and began tending bar at Bernie’s Bagels and Distillery which at the time had one of the most extensive beer offerings in all of central Ohio. From Bernie’s, Lin went on to found several different businesses in multiple markets. With experiences as diverse as manufacturing, retail, design, construction, and marketing, Lin is excited to bring his knowledge, experience, and creativity to Market Bar.

Volker began his adventure with beer, wine, and spirits a quarter of a century ago working at Clintonville’s once-legendary Pace-Hi Carryout while in college studying to be a teacher. He has 23 years of experience as a high school English teacher in Columbus and is an adjunct professor at The Ohio State University and Ashland University. When not molding young minds or training future teachers, Volker has prepared for this opportunity by bartending during summers and weekends at The Barrel and Bottle in North Market and Ohio Tap Room in Grandview Heights.

"Wayne and I couldn’t be more excited by this opportunity to become part of the North Market community. This is our first bar venture together and having the benefit of our friend Collin’s support and expertise has been invaluable," said Volker. "Our vision for Market Bar is that it will be the hub and gathering place for market patrons and market merchants alike. We are looking forward to collaborating on innovative programming, including pairings, tastings, and samplings that reflect the Market community. We will feature best-in-class cocktails crafted with high-quality local spirits, and a wide variety of wine and Ohio craft beer to enjoy at Market Bar or to take home."

"Market Bar will no doubt be the hottest destination and gathering place for the community," said Wolfe. "We're all anticipating Market Bar's exquisite selection of beer and wine."

MoMo Ghar

MoMo Ghar
Tibetan and Nepali Prepared Food
Owners: Phuntso and Pramod Lama
Columbus, Ohio

Co-owners Phuntso and Pramod Lama opened the first MoMo Ghar at Saraga International Market on Morse Road followed by a second location at North Market downtown. Their third restaurant will be opening in 2020 at North Market Bridge Park. MoMo Ghar is well known for their momos which are flavorful Tibetan dumplings filled with meat and/or vegetables. All items on their menu are fresh and each momo is handmade from scratch and includes their special house sauce. MoMo Ghar offers both meat and vegan options.

"Phuntso and Pramod operate one of the top destinations at North Market downtown. We are so proud to be able to help them expand their business to a new market," said Wolfe.

Phuntso and Pramod, both born in Nepal and immigrated to the United States in 1984 and 1993 respectively, are owner/operators staying true to North Market’s mission. Phuntso, a member of the Columbus Monthly Tastemakers class of 2018, loves to cook and all of the menu items at MoMo Ghar are made with her recipes. Their mission is to make fresh, truly from scratch food just like they make at home.

"As most are aware, Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives featured our unique Tibetan cuisine. That exposure along with our presence at North Market have added to our success," said Pramod Lama. "We look forward to introducing our Tibetan food to Dublin as well as expanding our food offerings. North Market management’s enthusiasm for offering an inviting atmosphere and quality products makes expanding to North Market Bridge Park the next appropriate step for MoMo Ghar. We see it as a win-win situation for all."

Photographs provided by MoMo Ghar.

Photographs provided by North Market.

Dough Mama

Dough Mama
Pies, Pastry, Breakfast, and Lunch
Owner: Perrie Wilkof
Columbus, Ohio

Dough Mama was started in 2014 by owner Perrie Wilkof. At first, Wilkof baked pies with a creative twist primarily for wholesale clients. She later opened up the Clintonville bakery and cafe and then received the prestigious Columbus Monthly Tastemaker 2016 recognition. Recently, Dough Mama has been a crowd favorite at The Dublin Market, the farmers’ market at Bridge Park. Dough Mama at North Market Bridge Park will be the bakery and cafe's second location and will offer baked goods, breakfast, lunch, and dessert all to keep expanding upon their motto of 'brunch all-day and dessert all by itself.'

"We are absolutely thrilled to have been selected to be a part of the North Market family! We cannot wait to bring our food to the Dublin community!" said Wilkof. "I have been a fan and customer of North Market since before I moved to Columbus, and it was my first introduction to the culinary world of this city. It is incredible to now be a part of it!"

Dough Mama’s loyal fans love the inclusive atmosphere that Wilkof has created and will bring to North Market Bridge Park. Menu items will include pie, pastry, breakfast, granola, as well as pre-made take home pie crusts. Their best selling pies include pecan, banana cream, lemon custard, and apple.

"Once again, we are so proud to be a part of expanding Perrie's business which is a huge part of our mission to incubate and support local, independent businesses," said Wolfe. "Perrie's cafe and bakery vision for North Market Bridge Park will bring comfort food classics with a creative twist. Dough Mama's baked goods and prepared foods will be a hit both day and night."

Dough Mama pies and other menu items. Photographs provided by Dough Mama.

Concept rendering of the proposed stall for Dough Mama at North Market Bridge Park. Image provided by Dough Mama.

About North Market
In operation in downtown Columbus, Ohio since 1876, North Market is Central Ohio’s historic public market. 2020 will see the revolutionary grand opening of North Market Bridge Park, a new public market located in the City of Dublin at the Bridge Park development. Downtown, more than 30 best-in-class merchants uphold the standard of excellence in product and services residents have come to expect from Columbus' last remaining public market. North Market Bridge Park will feature approximately 20 of the finest tastemakers in the region. Both Markets offer/will offer a wide variety of fresh produce, meat, poultry, seafood, flowers and other specialty food items. The Markets also will provide an international selection of freshly prepared foods, distinctive gifts, and personable service from owner/operators. The two locations are managed by the North Market Development Authority, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.