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North Market Bridge Park Merchant Announcement - Phase Four

September 1, 2020

Release courtesy of North Market.

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- North Market is thrilled to announce the next phase of merchants at North Market Bridge Park. North Market Bridge Park in Dublin, Ohio, is the second location for the historic North Market. The four merchants listed below make up the fourth phase of committed businesses:

Bubbles The Tea and Juice Company
Kintsugi Sushi Bar
The Little Kitchen
Pasta Ditoni's

North Market Bridge Park is slated for a soft opening in October 2020 in a phased approach, with full occupancy expected by the end of the year.

Bubbles The Tea and Juice Company

Concept rendering of the proposed stall for Bubbles The Tea and Juice Company at North Market Bridge Park. Image provided by Sweetheart Interiors.

Bubbles The Tea and Juice Company was founded in 2005 by owner and CEO, Eric Ling. The first shop was located in the North Market downtown and it was the only Bubbles shop for ten years. In 2015, the business expanded and continued to grow with new locations opening across the region. North Market Bridge Park will mark the ninth location for Bubbles in central Ohio.

Ling, who has a background in engineering, focuses on processes and efficiency, while still making sure to provide excellent customer service experiences and numerous growth opportunities for his staff. Joseph Ebner was hired in May 2013 to help manage the shop. Ebner gained more and more responsibility over his tenure with the company and now serves as the Chief Operations Officer. Together, Ling and Ebner oversee the shop managers and ensure their vision of spreading well-being, and so much more, back to the community is brought to life.

The Bubbles menu includes specialty made smoothies, crafted bubble teas, fresh cold pressed juices, açaí bowls, and protein bars. Bubbles is also devoted to its employees’ personal and professional growth and development, and supports many charities and community based organizations around central Ohio.

“Bubbles is one of North Market’s unsung heroes; I'm so proud of how Eric has been quietly growing his business for the past several years and his dedication continues to pay off," said Rick Harrison Wolfe, North Market's Executive Director. "Bubbles got their start at North Market downtown and we’re excited they’re joining us at North Market Bridge Park!”

"Bubbles The Tea and Juice Company started in the original downtown North Market nearly 15 years ago," said Ling. "We are deeply rooted in the central Ohio community. Naturally, when we saw a chance to be part of the North Market's expansion to Bridge Park in Dublin we leapt at the opportunity."

"The North Market is our original home store. It has grown with the Market since inception and served as a template for our other locations," said Ebner. "We can't wait to do the same with the new North Market, continuing to build on strong relationships with new and recurring tenants alike as well as the market staff. With a great fun atmosphere like the original North Market, we are excited to begin the journey with everyone at the new market this fall and bring Bubbles to an awesome new venue!"

Bubbles The Tea and Juice Company
Specialty smoothie, bubble tea, and juice bar
Eric Ling, Owner/CEO; Joseph Ebner, COO
Columbus, Ohio
Web -
Facebook - BubblesTeaCompany
Instagram - @BubblesTeaCompany
Twitter - @BubblesTeaCo

Kintsugi Sushi Bar

Concept rendering of the proposed stall for Kintsugi Sushi Bar at North Market Bridge Park. Image provided by Kintsugi Sushi Bar.

North Market Bridge Park adds Kintsugi Sushi Bar, a new concept from the owners of Satori Ramen Bar, the acclaimed ramen shop at North Market's flagship location in downtown Columbus.

Kintsugi Sushi Bar’s owner and head chef, Seigo Nishimura, trained at the Tokyo Sushi Academy and worked in a Michelin-starred Japanese sushi restaurant in New York City’s East Village. Kintsugi Sushi Bar will not only provide high quality Nigiri sushi and rolls, but also introduce the community to sushi styles that are beloved in Japan, such as Temaki hand rolls and Chirashi Zushi bowls, but as of yet are less common in the Midwest. In addition to takeout and delivery, Kintsugi Sushi Bar will offer catering for special events and dinner parties with customizable menus. Kintsugi Sushi Bar’s offerings will be crafted from the freshest ingredients and expertly sliced fish, and wrapped with delicately seasoned sushi rice and crisp nori seaweed.

“Kintsugi” is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. This tradition highlights the beauty that can be found by embracing flaws and imperfections, by bringing disparate elements together, by showcasing scars rather than hiding damage. Each break is unique and an integral part of the design, combined to create something greater, more resilient, more beautiful than the sum of its parts.

During these unprecedented times, this metaphor holds truer than ever. Kintsugi Sushi Bar aims to build a community by being the gold that runs through disparate elements, joining them to create something bigger than the sum of its parts. This is Nishimura's management philosophy, as well; to create great teams by seeing the value in people, and create a place where their individuality can shine as part of a cohesive whole. Pride in the craft, pride in the team is what binds us.

"We are very excited to have this opportunity at North Market Bridge Park," said Nishimura. "Satori Ramen Bar has been such a wonderful and humbling experience. We’ve worked hard to build a community around one treasured Japanese culinary experience at Satori Ramen Bar and can’t wait to incorporate another. In these times of hardship and uncertainty, the dedication of our clients and strength of our team gives us the confidence to pursue this next step.”

"Seigo and his team really brought their A game with Satori Ramen Bar downtown," said Wolfe. "Given Seigo's Tokyo Sushi Academy training and experience as a sous chef at a Michelin-rated sushi restaurant in NYC, I know everyone will be delighted with the level of quality and attention to detail they are bringing to North Market Bridge Park!"

Kintsugi Sushi Bar
Authentic Japanese Sushi
Founder & Head Chef: Seigo Nishimura
Columbus, Ohio
Web -
Facebook - KintsugiSushiBar
Instagram - @Kintsugi.SushiBar
Twitter - @KintsugiSushi

Food photography by Cooper-Fenske Photography. All other images provided by Kintsugi Sushi Bar.

The Little Kitchen

The Little Kitchen is a plant based eatery joining the merchant mix at North Market Bridge Park. Owner Chloe Graffeo has operated The Little Kitchen as a food truck for the past three years. The North Market Bridge Park restaurant will be Graffeo's first full time shop.

The Little Kitchen focuses on using in-season fruits and vegetables because Graffeo knows that produce tastes different depending on what type of soil it is grown in and how far it traveled to your plate. The menu will include staple items such as Mac & Peas, Buffalo Chickpea Salad and Wrap, Vegan Lox Bagel, Superfood Yogurt Parfait, assorted smoothies and smoothie bowls, as well as milkshakes, coffee, and sweets. Every dish on the menu is 100% vegan, plant based and predominately organic. Several menu items are also gluten free.

The Little Kitchen menu and ethos pairs perfectly with North Market Bridge Park and the wider Bridge Park neighborhood including its residents, area workers, and the customers of the Dublin farmers market. Graffeo aims to create kindness in all aspects from the cruelty-free ingredients in the food she serves, the impact of her business on the environment, and how customers and staff are valued.

"The vision we see for The Little Kitchen at the North Market Bridge Park is a mecca for health, hospitality and satisfaction," said Graffeo. "We love helping our customers find comfort in health food. Whether they are coming to our kitchen as vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, a carnivore or just curious, we can satisfy! Our menu is diverse, with smoothies and smoothie bowls, favorite staples, vegan milkshakes, hearty meals, seasonal rotations and special sweets and treats."

“Chloe's concept is a true startup, and The Little Kitchen’s vision truly aligns with our mission to promote and incubate 'best-in-class' local, independent businesses," said Wolfe. "We know that Chloe and her team will fit right in with our community of merchants.”

The Little Kitchen
Plant Based Eatery
Owner: Chloe Graffeo
Columbus, Ohio
Web -
Instagram - @thelittlekitchentruck

Little Kitchen
Images provided by The Little Kitchen.

Pasta Ditoni's

Concept rendering of the proposed stall for Pasta Ditoni's at North Market Bridge Park. Image provided by Pasta Ditoni's.

Local fresh made pasta purveyors, Goga Bhattal and his daughter Jyoti Bhattal, will open their first direct retail shop Pasta Ditoni's at North Market Bridge Park. Pasta Ditoni’s is a local pasta manufacturing company that has been in business since 1993. Pasta Ditoni's provides gourmet pasta to some of the finest restaurants in Columbus and they also offer online sales direct to consumers.

At the new shop, the business concept will center around selling Pasta Ditoni’s local fresh made pasta, just like it is currently sold at Pastaria Seconda at North Market downtown. A wide variety of pasta will be displayed deli case style. Goga also plans to offer a variety of authentic Italian goods, including specialty Italian desserts, Italian dry and jarred products, as well as fresh cappuccino, coffee, and lattes to go; it’ll be a one-stop shop when planning Italian dinners and parties.

Goga has enjoyed collaborating and partnering with Giuseppe Mangano from Giuseppe’s Ritrovo. Along with overall support for the project, Giuseppe has collaborated on some of the sauces and recipes for the new shop. In addition to his valued restaurant partners, Goga has enjoyed making connections with the locals and recurring customers, sharing the company’s local history, along with sharing recipes they’ve created over the years. His hope is to bring the feel of an Italian family kitchen to the Dublin area.

"Pasta Ditoni’s is extremely excited to be a part of North Market Bridge Park," said Goga. "Columbus residents have been dining with our product for almost 30 years, and now they are able to bring that same restaurant quality meal to their homes. Our fresh pasta and specialty Italian deserts will allow locals to become the best dinner hosts in town, and enable them to create wholesome meals in minutes! Get a taste of Italy while in the safety of your own city. Our family hopes to see you at Pasta Ditoni's soon!"

“Pasta Ditoni’s makes the most superb pasta that has been served at the finest restaurants around town," said Wolfe. "We’re so glad to play a part in adding Goga’s fresh pasta to even more families’ plates.”

Pasta Ditoni's
Local Fresh Made Pasta
Owners: Goga Bhattal, Jyoti Bhattal
Columbus, Ohio
Web -
Facebook - pastaditoni
Instagram - @pastaditonis
Twitter - @PastaDitonis

Images provided by Pasta Ditoni's.

Merchant Recap

As the landscape of the world changed in recent months, so too did the lineup of the North Market Bridge Park merchants. The confirmed/committed (and publicly shared) merchants are listed below. The final list of merchants will be released in the coming weeks!

  • Black Radish Creamery
    • Purveyors and Makers of Fine Handcrafted Cheese
  • Bubbles The Tea and Juice Company
    • Specialty smoothie, bubble tea, and juice bar
  • Coastal Local Seafood
    • Fresh Seafood, Raw Bar, and Cafe
  • Dos Hermanos
    • Authentic Mexican Cuisine
  • Falafel Kitchen
    • Falafel-centric Middle Eastern cuisine
  • Kintsugi Sushi
    • Authentic Japanese Sushi
  • Lan Viet
    • Authentic Northern Vietnamese Cuisine
  • The Little Kitchen
    • Plant Based Eatery
  • Market Bar
    • On-Site Bar; Craft Beer and Fine Wines To-Go
  • Pasta Ditoni's
    • Local Fresh Made Pasta
  • Reuse Revolution
    • Zero Waste Refill Store

About North Market
In operation in downtown Columbus, Ohio since 1876, North Market is Central Ohio’s historic public market. 2020 will see the revolutionary grand opening of North Market Bridge Park, a new public market located in the City of Dublin at the Bridge Park development.

Downtown, more than 30 best-in-class merchants uphold the standard of excellence in product and services residents have come to expect from Columbus' last remaining public market. North Market Bridge Park will feature approximately 20 of the finest tastemakers in the region. Both Markets offer/will offer a wide variety of fresh produce, meat, poultry, seafood, flowers and other specialty food items. The Markets also will provide an international selection of freshly prepared foods, distinctive gifts, and personable service from owner/operators. The two locations are managed by the North Market Development Authority, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

About Bridge Park

Bridge Park is the newest and only walkable, mixed-use community in downtown Dublin. Spanning 30 acres along the Scioto River, it is the cornerstone of the city’s long-term vision for the Bridge Street District. The unique community features luxury condos and apartments, restaurants, shops, Class A office space, entertainment venues, 2,000+ free parking spaces, a hotel and conference center and multiple green spaces. Bridge Park includes executive Class A office space to meet the needs of small and mid-size businesses. To learn more about Bridge Park, visit

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