Outerbelt Street Distribution Center

488 Outerbelt Street

In 2023, Crawford Hoying began working with Contegra Construction on an infill speculative warehouse project near the eastside of Columbus, Ohio, making it the first large Class-A warehouse project constructed in the neighborhood in more than 40 years. The new warehouse will be easily accessible to Interstate 70, the new Intel Chip Fab and the entire Ohio region. Additionally, an American Electric Power (AEP) substation is adjacent to the future development which can provide up to 10 MW of electricity to the building.

Despite its excellent location, the 30-acre property sat vacant for decades due to an unusually large number of site challenges which rendered the land nearly impossible to develop. The site was bisected by a pair of high-pressure gas transmission pipelines and an unused street right-of-way. The gas pipeline easements prohibited construction of improvements within them, including public streets, so a road could never be built. Poor grading by the pipeline contractors also created a depression in the center of the site that became a protected wetland. In addition, another large swath of the site had been declared a stream corridor protection zone, which forbids grading or development of any kind.

To transform the property into a viable development site, Crawford Hoying mitigated the wetland through the Ohio EPA, purchased the unusable right of way from the City of Columbus and worked closely with the pipeline company to identify portions of the remaining land that could be developed within their rigid requirements.

The speculative development will offer 205,000 SF of space with the floor plan being divisible into as many as four tenant suites. Additionally, the warehouse has a 32' clear height and an ESFR (Early Suppression Fast Response Fire Sprinkler Systems) sprinkler system. The development also includes parking spaces adjacent to the building and a supplemental parking area with additional auto or trailer parking spaces.

Project Details

205,000 sq. ft.
Clear Height
32 ft.
575 spaces
100 spaces